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The basics you need to know about Zay.In

Congratulations on getting started with Zay.In (powered by!

We're very excited to have you take your school digital.

What is Zay.In?

Zay.In is our vision for enabling the underprivileged communities of the world (with a current focus on India, however not limited to) by providing NGOs with the tools they need to run their schools. is powered by, the same app however targetted at the commercial market.

This is completely free of charge to Non-Profits, free forever no strings attached. Read more about our vision on this page.

And what does ZayCare do?

Zaycare is a range of modules, education management tools for daycares & schools spanning the entire operation. It is the first planning system designed by care providers specifically for other care and education providers. An automation platform for a organisations operations, taking away all work from the administration and streamlining management processes. We run the entire HR, Finance, Scheduling, and Day-to-Day planning of child care centres and schools.

Who can join the program?

We are accepting any and all NGOs that have a purpose to give equal opportunity to impoverished regions. Our products make the biggest impact within childcare and education organisations, however we can fit in other segments as well. The best thing to do is contact us and see how we can work together, our core is flexibility and we stand by this.

How do I get an account?

Brilliant! Just fill in this form and we'll back to you in just a little while, otherwise shoot us an email on

How do i access Zay.In?

Please visit this help section to find where to access Zay.In.

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We're here for every step of the way, let us know if you need some help. ;)