“Once we have the capacity to give back, we must do so.”

Zachar Tolmachev, CEO

Our Vision

Every person is born with a debt to society. What we have, the chances we are given, how far we can grow - We are given an opportunity to make our lives better, creating further opportunity, in turn we give back our success to the ones that have not had the chances we reaped. Once we have the capacity to give back, we must do so.

Our Mission

How can we begin to give back, contribute?

Where does ZayCare fit into this story?
The aim is to lower the operational cost of these foundations, to increase the value that teachers can give to these children in need, so that the NGO can use these resources to increase their charitable contribution to these communities.
By working together with NGO’s we can pool our resources into making the world a better place for the children in need.

One of the ways to get peoples out of poverty is through education – ZayCare focusses on helping NGOs with their mission to provide free education to these affected communities.

Who is eligible to use Zay.In?

Any NGO that has an objective to create a citizen movement where people come forward and work towards a common goal of bridging the socio-economic gap which exists in our society is eligible for free access to ZayCare.